What is Infil?

Infil, in military tactics, is a process of seizing control over a location or objective within a hostile environment. Infil, as a brand, will instill patriotism, unification, and a bond with all who represent it. In doing so, we have branched out, expanding this term, striving to rekindle the patriotism and American pride that is consistently depleting within our nation. With the constant bombardment of political controversy, propaganda, and ethnic variants that shred the unity our country was built upon; we strive to unit all Americans and patriots alike. Honor Is Earned™ never given. As a nation, we shall stand together while knowing you'll never have to fight alone.

More than just a brand

Infil is more than just another company supporting the military, law enforcement, and gun owners with custom designs and garments. We proactively engage in charities that directly affect military families, the men and women in blue, and our right as an American to bear arms. To learn more about the active charities Infil supports, see Affiliates.